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"I'm really glad I quit piano lessons when I was a kid."- Said No One Ever

Student Withdraw Form 


We understand that you may be thinking of stopping lessons or taking a break.

 We have valued every note, song, and smile we have shared together and would be sad to see you go. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you or your family make time for music or better meet your goals and expectations.


We would like for you to consider the benefits of staying enrolled.


Taking any kind of break can cause a huge backslide in learning.
We always hate to see any student lose any momentum that they have.

Have you or your child enjoyed your teacher?

The bond between a teacher and student is one we work hard to nurture. 

Taking a break will likely result in your spot being filled with a new student. And although we welcome you back whenever you are ready, it is possible that your spot on your preferred teacher's schedule will be filled with a new student and you may have to start with a new teacher. 

Lesson times in the mid afternoon and early evening are in high demand and if the lesson time you have works with your family, you may want to keep this time.  We won't be able to hold this time for you should you choose to withdraw.

If the time really has come to say goodbye, please fill out this form below.