Planing for Music Lessons and Vacations. 

Summer is a great time for travel, camps, and spending time with family. But it is also a great time for learning music. Our program runs year-round and students enrolled through the summer benefit in ways we would like for you to consider.

Keep your spot on your preferred teacher's schedule.

Summer is a time when we experience for an influx of new students in our studio. While we welcome returning students  anytime of year, some who return from a summer break find that their lesson time or is no longer available.  We encourage students that have developed a good relationship and history with their teacher to stay enrolled. You will be issued a make-up credit for any lessons or classes you will miss due to travel that you can use when you return.

Extended make-up credits

Most of the year make-up credits last 30 days, but during the summer they last all the way up to August 31st!   Any lessons that you have to miss for travel or other plans will give you a make-up credit that you can use for additional lessons when you return.

Say you will be out for all of July, but would like to return in August, use your credit from July for two lessons per week and an hour instead of just 30 minutes.

Have more time to practice and make faster progress.  

Without the distractions of  homework, sports and other academic activities, staying cool in the A/C can be a blissful time of musical development. Students continuing their lessons not only beat the heat but also learn 25-30% faster and more material than those that take a break for the summer, do the math! The more you play and learn the more enjoyable playing music becomes. Put in the time and reap the rewards. 

Summer Camps

 Did you know we offer several full week summer camps?  This is an immersive music experience for kids like no other. Camps are an intensive week of creating and learning about music in a fun rock band setting. Check it out!

How to stay-enrolled and plan around Vacations.

By May 15th our summer schedule will be posted online and your current recurring time automatically reserved for you.  For any dates you will be unable to make, cancel your attendance. This will give you a make-up credit. If you would like to go head and schedule the make-up lessons now ,you can do so at any of the available posted times. However, you may also wait until later during the summer to schedule your make-up lessons 

If you have decided withdrawing is the best option for you ....

Please complete this withdraw form 30 days before the last lesson/class you plan to attend. 

Thank you for being a part of our musical family at Grove Avenue Piano. 

We hope to exceed your expectations in both your musical goals and level of service.


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