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"I'm really glad I quit piano lessons when I was a kid."- Said No One Ever

Old Timey Doctor and the Car Mechanic meet a Dentist

November 29, 2018

Being a piano tuner has always felt like being something between a dentist and a car mechanic who happens to make house calls like an old-timey doctor.  Its a  profession that requires a lot of training and experience, but it's also very much blue-collar type job that requires working with your hands and muscles. A piano is basically made if 88 nearly indentical machines that one has to understand how it functions. But The tuning itself feels like molding clay into a perfect sphere with your eyes closed. Since a piano is usually the heaviest object in the home, bringing it in the 

shop for a tune-up is not practical. So the service provider makes house calls. With a black bag of tools noone else really knows how to use, I arrived at your door ready to repair and restore the instrument to play and sound it's best. Theres no medicine involved or preseciptions, but there might be some surgery. After a short while I'm on my way out and back to the office or another patient.

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