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1925 Grove Avenue

Richmond, Virginia



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"I'm really glad I quit piano lessons when I was a kid."- Said No One Ever


Ages 4 - Adult

We work closely with our students and their families to let them set their own goals and intentions for music lessons as well as find a lesson time that works with their schedule. While some students are regimented and practice daily, others use music lessons as a weekly recreational or explorative activity. Students are encouraged to discover and define what role music plays in their own life. We find it is more effective for progress to focus on the experience in the lesson itself and keep a positive relationship with music at home, especially for those in the beginner stages, than stress over a certain amount of minutes each day. However, for those ready to dig in get to it, we can't wait to see what you can do!

Below is some basic info of how it works

  • Beginners, Intermediate and Advances players welcome

  • Ages 4 and Up

  • $36 per week billed monthly

  • 30 minute lesson once per week. 60 minutes also available. 

  • on time $45 registration fee

  • 4-7pm Monday - Friday

"Our hope is that every student find playing music something they enjoy and can be good at. "

-owner/director Ryan Corbitt

Located inside Tabernacle Baptist Church

1925 Grove Avenue