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Ages 4 - Adult

We are now enrolling for piano lessons at our nearby sister location, Westwood Music Club, 2323 Westwood Avenue.  We are not currently enrolling new students in the Fan.


We work closely with our students and their families to let them set their own goals and intentions for music lessons. We find it is more effective for progress to focus on the experience in the lesson itself and keep a positive relationship with music at home, especially for those in the beginner stages, than stress over a certain amount of minutes each day.

 Program features

  • Highly qualified teachers

  • An online flexible schedule

  • All books and sheet music provided (additional cost)

  • Free Tote Bag

  • Multiple lesson rooms for siblings to have the same lesson time

  • comfortable waiting room for family

  • Online lessons available on Zoom! Stay home or anywhere in the world!



Pricing and Policy

  • Beginners, Intermediate and Advances players welcome

  • Ages 4 and Up

  • 30 minute lesson once per week. 60 minutes also available. 

  • $36 per week charged automatically monthly on the first of the month for the lessons in the previous month


The lesson program at Grove Avenue Piano is managed by the office at Westwood Music Club, for lessons on other instruments and more information visit


All students have a recurring weekly lesson at the same time. The admin staff handles all scheduling and time change requests via phone text or email, teachers are not responsible for handling scheduling requests. The schedule is posted in the online portal for convenient access and can be synced with iCal or Google.

Missed Lessons and Make-ups

If you can't make a lesson, no problem. Just log on to your account and click "cancel attendance" at least 1 hour in advance. Then you'll get a make-up credit and can use it register for any make-up time posted online. No-show with no notice or lesson than 1 hours notice will result in no make-up credit issued.

Need to Cancel Membership?

We do not require long term contracts or commitments. If at any time you feel that you want to cancel your membership, just let us know about 30 days before the last lesson or class you plan to attend.

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