Piano Tuning

Do you wish your piano sounded better?

Do you wish you played your piano more?

Do you want to LOVE playing again? 

Book a piano tuning and get back to making music you want to make. The piano is like the musical hub of your home. Whether you are a pro, or just tinkling around for fun, a bad sounding piano is no good. It only really takes one or two of the strings to get our of whack and make every chord sound off.  If has been many years then you are probably way overdue. not to worry we can make just about any piano in any condition sound great.

Use the booking tool below to pick a time, and enter your address. We'll come and get it back in shape in no time, we'll maybe just  about 1-2 hours. We service anywhere in the Richmond or Williamsburg area, and all areas in between. 

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